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Suchapter 2.5. Historical Inventory of Equipment. Definition of Terms.   

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(a) As used in this article, "historical inventory of equipment" herein referred to as inventory, means a list, a card file, or electronic data-processed information containing the description, name, identification numbers and original cost of all items district owned equipment whose current market value exceeds $200 per item (or exceeds any lesser amount approved by the local governing board, the date of acquisition, the location of use, and the date and mode of disposal.

(b) Any other system in use in a school district on June 30, 1973, may be approved by the State Superintendent of Public Instruction after due consideration of the requirements and suggestions in the State manuals, Administration of School Risk Management Program and California School Accounting, 1976.

(c) Any "historical inventory of equipment" shall be a continuing record as provided in Section 13022(d) herein and shall not be subject to classification for retention or destruction until the inventory is superseded or until the equipment is removed from district ownership.

Authority cited:

Education Code 35168

(Amended by Register 84, No. 37.)