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Chapter 11. Special Programs Subchapter 4. English Language Learner Education Knowledge and Fluency in English   

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(a) For purposes of "a good working knowledge of English" pursuant to Education Code Section 305 and "reasonable fluency in English" pursuant to Education Code Section 306(c), an English learner shall be transferred from a structured English immersion classroom to an English language mainstream classroom when the pupil has acquired a reasonable level of English proficiency as measured by any of the state-designated assessments approved by the California Department of Education, or any locally developed assessments.

(b) At any time, including during the school year, a parent or guardian may have his or her child moved into an English language mainstream classroom.

(c) An English learner may be re-enrolled in a structured English immersion program not normally intended to exceed one year if the pupil has not achieved a reasonable level of English proficiency as defined in Section 11301(a) unless the parents or guardians of the pupil object to the extended placement.


Authority cited:

Education Code 33031


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(Amended By Register 99, No. 1)