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Visits To The Schools   

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Any person who is not a student of the school, or an employee of the district:

1. Will immediately, upon entering any school building or the campus, during school hours, report their presence and the reason to the Principal, or to a person designated by the Principal to receive such information. Any such person who is requested by the Principal, or his designee, to leave a school building or the campus will promptly depart the school premises;

2. Who fails, within a reasonable time to report their presence and the reason therefore, or who fails to leave a school building or the campus promptly upon request of the principal, or designee, or who after leaving a school building or the campus pursuant to a request, returns, has committed an unlawful act and may be prosecuted according to law; and

3. Who is requested to leave a school building or the campus and leaves pursuant to the request of the Principal, or designee, may after his departure appeal to the Superintendent. Such an appeal will be made not later than the second school day after the person has departed from the school building or the campus. The Superintendent will, after reviewing the matter with the Principal, or designee, and the person seeking ingress to the school, renders his decision within 24 hours after the appeal is made. A decision of the Superintendent may be appealed by the person to the Governing Board. The Board will consider the appeal at its next scheduled regular public meeting, and the decision of the Board will be final.

Adequate signs providing public notice of this regulation will be posted at every campus entrance of the district.

In order to provide authorized visitors with the opportunity to visit classrooms and to ensure an uninterrupted instructional program, the following procedure shall be followed:

1. All requests for visitations are routed through the school principal. All visitations and times of visitations must have prior approval by the principal and teacher.

2. Parents and other individuals authorized by the parent may observe classes. The principal or designee, or the Director of Special Education will accompany the visitors during the visit.

3. The length of the visit will be 20 minutes unless prior arrangements are made with the principal. Extended visits will be granted only in the most extraordinary cases.

4. Instruction will not be interrupted. No attempts shall be made to engage the teacher or the students in conversation.

5. Upon arrival, the visitor(s) should be advised of these guidelines in written form.

6. There will be no more than one classroom visit per 30 day period for any student. Exceptions may be granted as mutually agreed upon with the Principal, teacher, parent, visitor, and Superintendent or designee.

Visitation Procedures

In order to visit a classroom, upon request the individual(s) will furnish to the principal or designee the following information:

1. His/her name, address and occupation

2. His/her age, if less than 21

3. His/her purpose for entering the school grounds and or classroom

4. Proof of identity

5. Other information consistent with the provisions of law


approved: August 17, 1987 Fallbrook, California

revised: November 21, 1988

revised: August 6, 2007

revised: March 17, 2008

reviewed: September 6, 2011