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Elementary/Middle School Promotion Requirements   

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In order to recognize successful completion of elementary and middle school education, the Governing Board shall confer diplomas of graduation from elementary and middle schools and from special day and evening classes of elementary and middle grades.

(cf. 5127 - Graduation Ceremonies and Activities)

Diplomas shall be awarded only to students who have completed the course of study prescribed by law and the district. (Education Code 51402)

(cf. 6011 - Academic Standards)

(cf. 6143 - Courses of Study)

In addition, students shall meet district requirements for promotion based on grades, assessments or other indicators as specified in Board policy and administrative regulation.

(cf. 5121 - Grades/Evaluation of Student Achievement)

(cf. 5123 - Promotion/Acceleration/Retention)

(cf. 6162.5 - Student Assessment)

Promotion Requirements/Standards of Proficiency (Elementary)

Promotion from the schools of the district implies that students have satisfactorily completed the prescribed courses of study in accordance with their respective abilities to achieve, that they have satisfactorily passed any examinations and other requirements set by the faculty, and standards of proficiency as required by law.

It is expected that the instructional staff will apply measures of achievement to provide evidence that each student has progressed far enough toward school goals and objectives to warrant graduation according to paragraphabove.

Legal Reference:


48070-48070.5 Promotion and retention

51400-51403 Elementary school diplomas

52507-52510 Requirements for eighth grade graduation (adult school)

60641-60647 Standardized Testing and Reporting Program

60648 Minimum performance levels


adopted: September 6, 2011 Fallbrook, California