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Folsom Cordova USD |  AR  3522  Business and Noninstructional Operations

District Delivery Service   

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The District Delivery Service will be used for the distribution of communications, books, supplies, print shop materials, and audio-visual equipment among the schools and the various district offices. The service originates at Granite daily during the school year and goes to each school in the Folsom, Mather, and Rancho Cordova areas for delivery and pick-up. Items picked up from the schools will be sorted, routed, and delivered to the proper unit location usually within one entire school day.

District Delivery Service shall be under the direct supervision of the Fiscal Support Manager.

District Delivery Service pick-up and delivery schedules shall be prepared by the Fiscal Support Manager, with copies sent to all district units prior the opening day of each school year.

District Delivery Service is subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. Prior notice will be given whenever possible.

Regular School Vacation Periods and Summer School

During school year vacation periods, delivery may be less than five days a week. Notices will be sent out in advance to advise everyone concerned of any possible changes during these periods.

Use of District Delivery Service by Employee Organizations and Others

1. Recognized employee organizations may use the District Delivery Service to distribute notices, publications, or other official materials relating to the organization. The notice or other material shall indicate the name of the organization and the person responsible for its publication and distribution.

2. With the approval of the building administrator, school-affiliated parent organizations and student associations may use the District Delivery Service to distribute notices, etc.

3. Use of the District Delivery Service by an organization, agency, person or group not directly affiliated with the educational programs and/or administrative operations of the district is prohibited, except upon approval of the district Superintendent.

4. Personal letters and/or items will not be sent in the District Delivery Service.


adopted: November 4, 2010 Folsom, California