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Folsom Cordova USD |  AR  6161.11  Instruction

Supplementary Instructional Materials   

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Films and Videos

1. Films, YouTubes, and other media rated PG and PG-13 may be shown to age appropriate students.

2. Each site will be responsible for establishing a screening committee to preview films and videos that are not on the county or district approved list.

3. The principal shall maintain a site approved list.

4. Teachers are to show films and videos as excerpts, as aligned with curriculum content standards. If the teacher has any questions or concerns with the length of the excerpt, he/she shall confer with the principal or designee before showing the film or video.

5. Films and videos shown in Driver's Education, Film as Literature, and other high school classes may contain graphic and violent images.

6. High school subject credentialed teachers (i.e. English and History) may show excerpts of up to 20 minutes of an approved R-rated film or video if the segment is related to the content standards and does not show images that are sexually explicit and/or contain profanity.

7. Parents/guardians have the right to request an alternative assignment for their child, prior to the showing of a PG-13 film or video excerpt.


approved: November 17, 2011 Folsom, California