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spacer arrow 280g Children's asthma treatment grants program  
spacer arrow 1395 Chapter 7 - Social Security. Subchapter Xviii - Health Insurance For Aged And Disabled.  
spacer arrow 1395a Free choice by patient guaranteed  
spacer arrow 1395b Option to individuals to obtain other health insurance protection  
spacer arrow 1395b-10 Addressing Health Care Disparities  
spacer arrow 1395b-1 Incentives for economy while maintaining or improving quality in provision of health services  
spacer arrow 1395b-2 Notice of medicare benefits; medicare and medigap information  
spacer arrow 1395b-3 Health insurance advisory service for medicare beneficiaries  
spacer arrow 1395b-4 Health insurance information, counseling, and assistance grants  
spacer arrow 1395b-5 Beneficiary incentive programs  
spacer arrow 1395b-6 Medicare Payment Advisory Commission  
spacer arrow 1395b-7 Explanation of medicare benefits  
spacer arrow 1395c Social Security; Health Insurance for 1395c Description of program  
spacer arrow 1395d Scope of benefits  
spacer arrow 1395e Deductibles and coinsurance  
spacer arrow 1395f Conditions of and limitations on payment for services  
spacer arrow 1395g Payments to providers of services  
spacer arrow 1751 Chapter 13. School Lunch Programs. Congressional declaration of policy  
spacer arrow 1752 Authorization of appropriations; "Secretary" defined  
spacer arrow 1753 Availability of appropriations; food assistance payments  
spacer arrow 1754 Nutrition promotion  
spacer arrow 1755 Direct expenditures for agricultural commodities and other foods  
spacer arrow 1755a Whole grain products  
spacer arrow 1756 Payments to States  
spacer arrow 1757 State disbursement to schools; purpose; "child" and "children" defined; food costs; limitation  
spacer arrow 1758a State performance on enrolling children receiving program benefits for free school meals  
spacer arrow 1758b Local school wellness policy  
spacer arrow 1759 Direct disbursements to schools by Secretary  
spacer arrow 1759a Special assistance funds  
spacer arrow 1760 Miscellaneous provisions  
spacer arrow 1761 Summer food service program for children  
spacer arrow 1762a Commodity distribution program  
spacer arrow 1765 Cash payment in lieu of donated foods; election, payment, disbursement and use  
spacer arrow 1766 Child and adult care food program  
spacer arrow 1766a Meal supplements for children in afterschool care  
spacer arrow 1769 State childhood hunger challenge grants  
spacer arrow 1769a Fresh fruit and vegetable program  
spacer arrow 1769b Department of Defense overseas dependents' schools  
spacer arrow 1769b-1 Training, technical assistance, and food service management institute  
spacer arrow 1769c Compliance and accountability  
spacer arrow 1769d Childhood hunger research  
spacer arrow 1769f Duties of the Secretary relating to nonprocurement debarment  
spacer arrow 1769g Information clearinghouse  
spacer arrow 1769i Program evaluation  
spacer arrow 1769j Ensuring safety of school meals  
spacer arrow 1771 Chapter 13A--Child Nutrition. Congressional declaration of purpose  
spacer arrow 1772 Special program to encourage the consumption of fluid milk by children; authorization of appropriations; eligibility for special milk program; minimum rate of reimbursement; ineligibility of commodity only schools  
spacer arrow 1773 School breakfast program  
spacer arrow 1774 Disbursement directly to schools or institutions  
spacer arrow 1775 Certification to Secretary of the Treasury of amounts to be paid to States  
spacer arrow 1776 State administrative expenses  
spacer arrow 1777 Use in school breakfast program of food designated as being in abundance or food donated by the Secretary of Agriculture  
spacer arrow 1778 Nonprofit programs  
spacer arrow 1779 Rules and regulations  
spacer arrow 1780 Prohibition against interference with school personnel, curriculum, or instruction; prohibition against inclusion of assistance in determining income  
spacer arrow 1781 Preschool programs  
spacer arrow 1782 Centralization in Department of Agriculture of administration of food service programs for children  
spacer arrow 1783 Appropriations for administrative expense  
spacer arrow 1784 Definitions  
spacer arrow 1785 Accounts and records; availability for inspection; authority to settle, adjust, or waive claims  
spacer arrow 1786 Special supplemental nutrition program for women, infants, and children  
spacer arrow 1788 Team Nutrition Network  
spacer arrow 1789 Department of Defense overseas dependents' schools  
spacer arrow 1790 Breastfeeding promotion program  
spacer arrow 1791 Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act  
spacer arrow 1792 Promoting Federal Food Donation.