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spacer arrow 2000c Subchapter IV--Public Education. Definitions  
spacer arrow 2000c-2 Technical assistance in preparation, adoption, and implementation of plans for desegregation of public schools  
spacer arrow 2000c-3 Training institutes; stipends; travel allowances  
spacer arrow 2000c-4 Grants for inservice training in dealing with and for employment of specialists to advise in problems incident to desegregation; factors for considera  
spacer arrow 2000c-5 Payments; adjustments; advances or reimbursement; installments  
spacer arrow 2000c-6 Civil actions by the Attorney General  
spacer arrow 2000c-7 Liability of United States for costs  
spacer arrow 2000c-8 Personal suits for relief against discrimination in public education  
spacer arrow 2000c-9 Classification and assignment  
spacer arrow 2000d Subchapter V--Federally Assisted Programs. Prohibition against exclusion from participation in, denial of benefits of, and discrimination under federa  
spacer arrow 2000d-1 Federal authority and financial assistance to programs or activities by way of grant, loan, or contract other than contract of insurance or guaranty;  
spacer arrow 2000d-2 Judicial review; administrative procedure provisions  
spacer arrow 2000d-3 Construction of provisions not to authorize administrative action with respect to employment practices except where primary objective of Federal finan  
spacer arrow 2000d-4 Federal authority and financial assistance to programs or activities by way of contract of insurance or guaranty  
spacer arrow 2000d-5 Prohibited deferral of action on applications by local educational agencies seeking Federal funds for alleged noncompliance with Civil Rights Act  
spacer arrow 2000d-6 Policy of United States as to application of nondiscrimination provisions in schools of local educational agencies  
spacer arrow 2000d-7 Civil rights remedies equalization  
spacer arrow 2000d-4a "Program or activity" and "program" defined  
spacer arrow 2000e Subchapter VI--Equal Employment Opportunities. Definitions  
spacer arrow 2000e-1 Subchapter not applicable to employment of aliens outside State and individuals for performance of activities of religious corporations, associations,  
spacer arrow 2000e-2 Unlawful employment practices  
spacer arrow 2000e-3 Other unlawful employment practices  
spacer arrow 2000e-4 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission  
spacer arrow 2000e-5 Enforcement provisions  
spacer arrow 2000e-6 Civil actions by the Attorney General  
spacer arrow 2000e-7 Effect on State laws  
spacer arrow 2000e-8 Investigations  
spacer arrow 2000e-9 Conduct of hearings and investigations pursuant to section 161 of title 29  
spacer arrow 2000e-10 Posting of notices; penalties  
spacer arrow 2000e-11 Veterans' special rights or preference  
spacer arrow 2000e-12 Regulations; conformity of regulations with administrative procedure provisions; reliance on interpretations and instructions of Commission  
spacer arrow 2000e-13 Application to personnel of Commission of sections 111 and 1114 of title 18; punishment for violation of section 1114 of title 18  
spacer arrow 2000e-14 Equal Employment Opportunity Coordinating Council; establishment; composition; duties; report to President and Congress  
spacer arrow 2000e-15 Presidential conferences; acquaintance of leadership with provisions for employment rights and obligations; plans for fair administration; membership  
spacer arrow 2000e-16 Employment by Federal Government  
spacer arrow 2000e-17 Procedure for denial, withholding, termination, or suspension of Government contract subsequent to acceptance by Government of affirmative action plan  
spacer arrow 2000h Subchapter IX--Miscellaneous Provisions. Criminal contempt proceedings: trial by jury, criminal practice, penalties, exceptions, intent; civil contem  
spacer arrow 2000h-1 Double jeopardy; specific crimes and criminal contempts  
spacer arrow 2000h-2 Intervention by Attorney General; denial of equal protection on account of race, color, religion, sex or national origin  
spacer arrow 2000h-3 Construction of provisions not to affect authority of Attorney General, etc., to institute or intervene in actions or proceedings  
spacer arrow 2000h-4 Construction of provisions not to exclude operation of State laws and not to invalidate consistent State laws  
spacer arrow 2000h-5 Authorization of appropriations  
spacer arrow 2000h-6 Separability of provisions  
spacer arrow 2000ff Chapter 21f. Prohibiting Employment Discrimination On The Basis Of Genetic Information. Definitions  
spacer arrow 2000ff-2 Employment agency practices  
spacer arrow 2000ff-3 Labor organization practices  
spacer arrow 2000ff-4 Training programs  
spacer arrow 2000ff-5 Confidentiality of genetic information  
spacer arrow 2000ff-6 Remedies and enforcement  
spacer arrow 2000ff-7 Disparate impact  
spacer arrow 2000ff-8 Construction  
spacer arrow 2000ff-9 Medical information that is not genetic information  
spacer arrow 2000ff-10 Regulations  
spacer arrow 2000ff-11 Authorization of appropriations