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Involuntary Student Transfers   

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The Governing Board desires to enroll students in the school of their choice, but recognizes that circumstances sometimes necessitate the involuntary transfer of some students to another school or program in the district. The Superintendent or designee shall develop procedures to facilitate the transition of such students into their new school of enrollment.

(cf. 5113.1 - Chronic Absence and Truancy)

(cf. 5116.1 - Intradistrict Open Enrollment)

(cf. 5144.1 - Suspension and Expulsion/Due Process)

(cf. 5144.2 - Suspension and Expulsion/Due Process (Students with Disabilities))

(cf. 6173.3 - Education for Juvenile Court School Students)

As applicable, when determining the best placement for a student who is subject to involuntary transfer, the Superintendent or designee shall review all educational options for which the student is eligible, the student's academic progress and needs, the enrollment capacity at district schools, and the availability of support services and other resources.

Whenever a student is involuntarily transferred, the Superintendent or designee shall provide timely written notification to the student and his/her parent/guardian and an opportunity for the student and parent/guardian to meet with the Superintendent or designee to discuss the transfer.

Students Convicted of Violent Felony or Misdemeanor

A student may be transferred to another district school if he/she is convicted of a violent felony, as defined in Penal Code 667.5(c), or a misdemeanor listed in Penal Code 29805 and is enrolled at the same school as the victim of the crime for which he/she was convicted. (Education Code 48929)

Before transferring such a student, the Superintendent or designee shall attempt to resolve the conflict using restorative justice, counseling, or other such services. He/she shall also notify the student and his/her parents/guardians of the right to request a meeting with the principal or designee. (Education Code 48929)

(cf. 5138 - Conflict Resolution/Peer Mediation)

(cf. 5144 - Discipline)

(cf. 6164.2 - Guidance and Counseling Services)

Participation of the victim in any conflict resolution program shall be voluntary, and he/she shall not be subjected to any disciplinary action for his/her refusal to participate in conflict resolution.

The principal or designee shall submit to the Superintendent or designee a recommendation as to whether or not the student should be transferred. If the Superintendent or designee determines that a transfer would be in the best interest of the students involved, he/she shall submit such recommendation to the Board for approval.

The Board shall deliberate in closed session to maintain the confidentiality of student information, unless the parent/guardian or adult student submits a written request that the matter be addressed in open session and doing so would not violate the privacy rights of any other student. The Board's decision shall be final.

(cf. 9321 - Closed Session Purposes and Agendas)

The decision to transfer a student shall be subject to periodic review by the Superintendent or designee.

The Superintendent or designee shall annually notify parents/guardians of the district's policy authorizing the transfer of a student pursuant to Education Code 48929. (Education Code 48980)

(cf. 5145.6 - Parental Notifications)

Other Involuntary Transfers

Students may be involuntarily transferred under either of the following circumstances:

1. If a high school student commits an act enumerated in Education Code 48900 or is habitually truant or irregular in school attendance, he/she may be transferred to a continuation school. (Education Code 48432.5)

(cf. 6184 - Continuation Education)

2. If a student is expelled from school for any reason, is probation-referred pursuant to Welfare and Institutions Code 300 or 602, or is referred by a school attendance review board or another formal district process, he/she may be transferred to a community day school. (Education Code 48662)

(cf. 6173 - Education for Homeless Children)

(cf. 6173.1 - Education for Foster Youth)

(cf. 6185 - Community Day School)

Legal Reference:


35146 Closed sessions; student matters

48430-48438 Continuation classes, especially:

48432.5 Involuntary transfer to continuation school

48660-48666 Community day schools, especially:

48662 Involuntary transfer to community day school

48900 Grounds for suspension and expulsion

48929 Transfer of student convicted of violent felony or misdemeanor

48980 Notice at beginning of term


667.5 Violent felony, definition

29805 Misdemeanors involving firearms


300 Minors subject to jurisdiction

602 Minors violating laws defining crime; ward of court

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adopted: August 22, 2017 San Jose, California