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Franklin-McKinley ESD  |  BP  0100  Philosophy, Goals, Objectives and Comprehensive Plans


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The Governing Board believes that all students can succeed regardless of race, background or ability. School staff shall embody this philosophy in all district programs and activities.

The district further believes that: (1) the central interest of schools is the learner, (2) learning is an active process, (3) our schools are responsible for each learner, (4) experiencing success is crucial to the learning process, (5) the qualities of teaching and learning are inextricably interwoven, (6) program improvement is a continuing process, (7) providing quality program education is a responsibility of our community, and (8) our community provides an essential resource to the educational program.

In order to create the environment necessary for effective schools, the Board endorses and prescribes strong instructional leadership, a safe and orderly climate, schoolwide emphasis on basic skills, high teacher expectations for student achievement, and continuous assessment of student progress.

The Superintendent or designee shall keep the Board fully informed regarding the district's efforts to achieve effective schools and any hindrances to meeting district goals.


The purpose of the Board, as the elected visionary leaders of a rich, culturally diverse community, where people value and respect one another, is to guarantee that all students are successful, lifelong learners who will compete globally and contribute as inspired leaders to the community.

Core Values

The Board recognizes that the core values that underlie all decisions and actions are: integrity, commitment, lifelong learning and spirit of community.


adopted: January 28, 1997 San Jose, California