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Health Care And Emergencies   

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Emergency Contact Information

In order to facilitate contact in case of an emergency or accident, the principal or designee shall annually request that parents/guardians provide the following information:

1. Home address and telephone number

2. Parent/guardian's business address and telephone number

3. Parent/guardian's cell phone number and email address, if applicable

4. Name, address, and telephone number of an alternative contact person to whom the student may be released and who is authorized by the parent/guardian to care for the student in cases of emergency or when the parent/guardian cannot be reached

5. Local physician to call in case of emergency

(cf. 5021 - Noncustodial Parents)

(cf. 5142 - Safety)

In addition, parents/guardians shall be encouraged to notify the school whenever their emergency contact information changes.

Notification/Consent for Medical Treatment

Whenever a student requires emergency or urgent medical treatment while at school or a school-sponsored activity, the principal or designee shall contact the parent/guardian or other person identified on the emergency contact form in order to obtain consent for the medical treatment.

If the student's parent/guardian or other contact person cannot be reached to provide consent, the principal may seek reasonable medical treatment for the student as needed, unless the parent/guardian has previously filed with the district a written objection to any medical treatment other than first aid.

(cf. 5141.21 - Administering Medication and Monitoring Health Conditions)

A person who has filed with the district a completed caregiver's authorization affidavit pursuant to Family Code 6550-6552 shall have the right to consent to or refuse school-related medical care on behalf of the minor student. The caregiver's authorization shall be invalid if the district receives notice that the minor student is no longer living with the caregiver or if the Superintendent or designee has actual knowledge of facts contrary to those stated on the affidavit. (Family Code 6550)

(cf. 5111.1 - District Residency)

The caregiver's consent to medical care shall be superseded by any contravening decision of the parent or other person having legal custody of the student, provided that this contravening decision does not jeopardize the student's life, health, or safety. (Family Code 6550)

(cf. 3580 - District Records)


approved: February 9, 2016 San Jose, California