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Enrollment and Attendance Accounting.   

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(a) Contractors operating centers and/or family child care homes shall use daily sign-in/sign-out sheets as a primary source document for audit and reimbursement purposes.

(b) One of the following persons shall enter the time of arrival and departure on a sign-in/sign-out sheet and, except as specified in Subsection (c) below, shall sign the sheet using their full signature:

(1) The parent or other adult authorized by the parent to drop off/pick up a child; or

(2) The staff person designated by the contractor as the person responsible for entering the times of arrival and departure if the child is not dropped off/picked up by a parent or other adult authorized by the parent.

(c) First and last initials of the contractor's authorized representative along with a notation of the time are required to document when a school-age child departs for and returns from school during the day.

(d) Contractors operating an Alternative Payment program may use an alternative to daily sign-in/sign-out sheets as documentation of attendance for reimbursement purposes with the prior written approval of the Child Development Division.

Authority and Reference Cited:

Education Code 8261

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(Added by Register 88, No. 50.)