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Superintendent Responsibilities And Duties   

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The Governing Board desires to set clear expectations of the Superintendent's responsibilities and duties in order to establish a productive working relationship with the Superintendent, ensure that the work of the Superintendent is focused on achievement of the district's vision and goals, and provide a fair basis for holding the Superintendent accountable. The responsibilities are detailed in law, Board policy and the Superintendent's contract.

(cf. 0000 - Vision)

(cf. 2000 - Concepts and Roles)

(cf. 2111 - Superintendent Governance Standards)

(cf. 2121 - Superintendent's Contract)

(cf. 2140 - Evaluation of the Superintendent)

As the chief executive officer of the district, the Superintendent shall implement all Board decisions and manage the schools in accordance with law and Board policies. The Superintendent has responsibilities related to students and the instructional program, personnel, noninstructional operations, and the community. The Superintendent also serves as a member of the district's governance team and has responsibilities to support Board operations and decision making.

(cf. 2210 - Administrative Leeway in Absence of Governing Board Policy)

(cf. 9000 - Role of the Board)

The Superintendent may delegate any of his/her responsibilities and duties to other district staff but remains accountable to the Board for all areas of operation under the Superintendent's authority.

(cf. 2220 - Administrative Staff Organization)

Legal Reference:


17604 Delegation of powers to agents

17605 Delegation of authority to purchase supplies, equipment and services

35020 Duties of employees set by governing board

35026 Employment and duties of district superintendent

35035 Additional powers and duties of superintendent

48900 Authority of superintendent to recommend suspension or expulsion

Management Resources:


Maximizing School Board Leadership, 1996





adopted: October 9, 2001 San Jose, California