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Legal Resources | Code of Regulations, Title 8 |    34020  

Subchapter 2. Organizational Security Arrangements. Article 1. Rescission Of Organizational Security Arrangement. Employee Petition.   

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(a) A group of employees in an established unit may file with the regional office a petition to rescind an existing organizational security arrangement pursuant to Government Code Section 3546(d).

(b) The petition shall be filed utilizing forms provided by the Board and shall be signed by an authorized representative of the group of employees.

(c) Proof that at least 30 percent of the employees in the unit desire a vote to rescind the existing organizational security arrangement shall be filed with the regional office concurrent with the petition. Proof of support shall conform to the requirements of Section 32700(b), (c), (e)(3), (f) and (g), and must have been obtained within one academic year as defined in Section 32001(d).

(d) Service of the petition, excluding the proof of at least 30 percent support, and proof of service pursuant to Section 32140 are required.

Authority cited:

Government Code 3541.3(g)


Government Code 3546(d)

(Register 2001, No. 24.)