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Subchapter 3.75. California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (Caaspp). Article 2. Achievement Tests and Any Primary Language Test. Apportionment to LEAs.   

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(a) The amount of funding to be apportioned to the LEA shall be the amount established by the SBE per the number of tests administered to eligible pupils, and the number of pupils enrolled on the first day of testing who were not tested in the LEA. The number of tests administered and the number of pupils not tested shall be determined by the certification of the LEA CAASPP coordinator pursuant to section 862. For purposes of this portion of the apportionment, administration of the tests includes the following items:

(1) All staffing costs, including the LEA CAASPP coordinator and the CAASPP test site coordinators, staff training and other staff expenses related to testing.

(2) All expenses incurred at the LEA and school/test site(s) related to testing.

(3) All transportation costs of delivering and retrieving tests and test materials within the LEA and to NPSs.

(4) All costs associated with transmitting the pupil report(s) to parents/guardians.

(5) All costs associated with activities intended to provide the complete and accurate data required in section 861.

(b) This amount does not include any funding for the purposes of reimbursing any LEA for primary language tests for non-eligible pupils.

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(Amended by Register 2014, No. 35.)