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Adult Education Block Grant Program   

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(a) The chancellor and the Superintendent, with the advice of the executive director, shall divide the state into adult education regions and shall determine the physical boundaries of each region.

(b) When determining the boundaries of the adult education regions, the chancellor and the Superintendent shall consider factors that impact the provision of adult education, including all of the following:

(1) Economic and demographic factors, including the locations of regional labor markets.

(2) The boundaries of regions used to distribute funds for other state programs.

(3) The presence of adult education providers that have demonstrated effectiveness in meeting the educational needs of adults.

(c) Until otherwise determined by the chancellor and the Superintendent, the physical boundaries of the adult education regions shall be the same as the physical boundaries of the regions established for purposes of providing planning and implementation grants pursuant to Section 84830.

(Added by Stats. 2015, Ch. 13, Sec. 39.)