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Deduction and payment of dues   

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Except as provided in Section 45061, the governing board of each school district, when drawing an order for the salary payment due to a certificated employee of the district, shall with or without charge reduce the order by the amount which it has been requested in a revocable written authorization by the employee to deduct for the purpose of paying the dues of the employee for membership in any local professional organization or in any statewide professional organization, or in any other professional organization affiliated or otherwise connected with a statewide professional organization which authorizes the statewide organization to receive membership dues on its behalf and for the purpose of paying his or her pro rata share of the costs incurred by the district in making the deduction. No charge shall exceed the actual cost to the district of the dues deduction. Any revocation of a written authorization shall be in writing and shall be effective commencing with the next pay period.

Unless otherwise provided in an agreement negotiated pursuant to Chapter 10.7 (commencing with Section 3540) of Division 4 of Title 1 of the Government Code, the governing board shall, no later than the 10th day of each pay period for certificated employees, draw its order upon the funds of the district in favor of the organization designated by the employee for an amount equal to the total of the dues deductions made with respect to that organization for the previous pay period and shall transmit the total amount to that organization no later than the 15th day of each pay period for certificated employees. When timely transmittal of dues payments by a county is necessary for a school district to comply with the provisions of this section, the county shall act in a timely manner. If the employees of a district do not authorize the board to make a deduction to pay their pro rata share of the costs of making deductions for the payment of dues, the board shall deduct from the amount transmitted to the organization on whose account the dues payments were deducted the actual costs of making the deduction.

The revocable written authorization shall remain in effect until expressly revoked in writing by the employee. Whenever there is a change in the amount required for the payment to the organization, the employee organization shall provide the employee with adequate and necessary data on the change at a time sufficiently prior to the effective date of the change to allow the employee an opportunity to revoke the written authorization, if desired. The employee organization shall provide the public school employer with notification of the change at a time sufficiently prior to the effective date of the change to allow the employer an opportunity to make the necessary adjustments and with a copy of the notification of the change which has been sent to all concerned employees.

The governing board shall not require the completion of a new deduction authorization when a dues change has been effected or at any other time without the express approval of the concerned employee organization.

(Amended by Stats. 1982, Ch. 1148, Sec. 1.3.)


Education Code 45061

Government Code 3540