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Healthy Schools Act of 2000   

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(a) The school designee shall annually provide to all staff and parents or guardians of pupils enrolled at a schoolsite a written notification of the name of all pesticide products expected to be applied at the schoolsite during the upcoming year. The notification shall identify the active ingredient or ingredients in each pesticide product. The notice shall also contain the Internet address used to access information on pesticides and pesticide use reduction developed by the Department of Pesticide Regulation pursuant to Section 13184 of the Food and Agricultural Code, the Internet address where the schoolsite integrated pest management plan may be found if the schoolsite has posted the plan, and may contain other information deemed necessary by the school designee. The notice shall also inform staff and parents and guardians of pupils enrolled at a schoolsite that they may view a copy of the integrated pest management plan in the schoolsite office. No other written notification of pesticide applications shall be required by this act except as follows:

(1) In the written notification provided pursuant to this subdivision, the school designee shall provide the opportunity for recipients to register with the schoolsite if they wish to receive notification of individual pesticide applications at the schoolsite. Persons who register for notification shall be notified of individual pesticide applications at least 72 hours before the application. The notice shall include the product name, the active ingredient or ingredients in the product, and the intended date of application.

(2) If a pesticide product not included in the annual notification is subsequently intended for use at the schoolsite, the school designee shall, consistent with this subdivision and at least 72 hours before application, provide written notification of its intended use.

(b) The school designee shall make every effort to meet the requirements of this section in the least costly manner. Annual notification by a school district to parents and guardians shall be provided pursuant to Section 48980.3. Any other notification shall, to the extent feasible and consistent with the act adding this article, be included as part of any other written communication provided to individual parents or guardians. This section shall not require the school designee to issue the notice through first-class mail, unless he or she determines that no other method is feasible.

(c) Pest control measures taken during an emergency condition as defined in Section 17609 shall not be subject to the requirements of paragraphs (1) and (2) of subdivision (a). However, the school designee or property owner shall make every effort to provide the required notification for an application of a pesticide under emergency conditions.

(d) The school designee shall post each area of the schoolsite where pesticides will be applied with a warning sign. The warning sign shall prominently display the term "Warning/Pesticide Treated Area" and shall include the product name, manufacturer's name, the United States Environmental Protection Agency's product registration number, intended date and areas of application, and reason for the pesticide application. The warning sign shall be visible to all persons entering the treated area and shall be posted 24 hours before the application and remain posted until 72 hours after the application. In case of a pest control emergency, the warning sign shall be posted immediately upon application and shall remain posted until 72 hours after the application.

(e) Subdivisions (a) and (d) shall not apply to schools operated by the Division of Juvenile Justice. The school administrator of a school operated by the Division of Juvenile Justice shall notify the chief medical officer of that facility at least 72 hours before the application of pesticides. The chief medical officer shall take any steps necessary to protect the health of pupils in that facility.

(f) This section and Section 17611 shall not apply to activities undertaken at a school by participants in the state program of agricultural vocational education, pursuant to Article 7 (commencing with Section 52450) of Chapter 9 of Part 28 of Division 4 of Title 2, if the activities are necessary to meet the curriculum requirements prescribed in Section 52454. This subdivision does not relieve schools participating in the state program of agricultural vocational education of any duties pursuant to this section for activities that are not directly related to the curriculum requirements of Section 52454.

(g) Sections 17610 to 17614, inclusive, shall not apply to family day care homes or property owners of family day care homes, as defined in Section 1596.78 of the Health and Safety Code, or their agents who personally apply any pesticides.

(h) If pesticide is applied by a property owner or his or her agent, or by a pest control operator, failure to provide notice pursuant to subdivision (b) of Section 17610 or subdivision (d) of Section 13186 of the Food and Agricultural Code shall relieve a privately operated child day care facility from the requirements of this section.

(Amended by Stats. 2014, Ch. 848, Sec. 6.)