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Commendations And Awards   

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The Governing Board believes that individuals and organizations deserve recognition when they provide contributions or long-standing service to the district. The Board believes that commending such service promotes increased community understanding and participation.

(cf. 1700 - Relations between Private Industry and the Schools)

The Superintendent or designee shall establish procedures by which Board members, employees or members of the community may suggest persons or organizations for Board recognition. At the Board's discretion, letters of recognition, Board resolutions, plaques or awards may be presented.

The Board encourages similar forms of recognition for achievement or services as part of school-level commendation programs.

(cf. 4156.2/4256.2/4356.2 - Awards and Recognition)

(cf. 5126 - Awards for Achievement)

Legal Reference:


35160 Authority of governing boards

35160.1 Broad authority of school districts

44015 Awards to employees and students


adopted: November 20, 2008 Gilroy, California