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Gilroy USD |  AR  3400  Business and Noninstructional Operations

Management Of District Assets/Accounts   

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The district's accounting system shall fully comply with the definitions, instructions and procedures set forth in the California Department of Education School Accounting Manual. (Education Code 41010)

The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that funds are encumbered in the district accounting records immediately after an expenditure is committed for subsequent payment.

(cf. 3110 - Transfer of Funds)

Fraud Prevention and Investigation

Fraud, financial improprieties or irregularities include but are not limited to:

1. Forgery or unauthorized alteration of any document or account belonging to the district

2. Forgery or unauthorized alteration of a check, bank draft or any other financial document

3. Misappropriation of funds, securities, supplies or other assets

4. Impropriety in the handling of money or reporting of financial transactions

5. Profiteering as a result of insider knowledge of district information or activities

6. Disclosing confidential and/or proprietary information to outside parties

(cf. 4119.23/4219.23/4319.23 - Unauthorized Release of Confidential/Privileged Information)

7. Disclosing investment activities engaged in or contemplated by the district

(cf. 3430 - Investing)

8. Accepting or seeking anything of material value from contractors, vendors or persons providing services or materials to the district

9. Destroying, removing or inappropriately using of records, furniture, fixtures or equipment

10. Failing to provide financial records to authorized state or local entities

11. Any other dishonest or fraudulent act

The Superintendent or designee shall investigate reports of fraudulent activity in a manner that protects the confidentiality of the parties and the facts. All employees involved in the investigation shall be advised to keep information about the investigation confidential.

If an investigation substantiates the occurrence of a fraudulent activity, the Superintendent or designee shall issue a report to appropriate personnel and to the Governing Board. The final disposition of the matter and any decision to file a criminal complaint or refer the matter to the appropriate law enforcement and/or regulatory agency for independent investigation shall be made in consultation with legal counsel. The result of the investigation shall not be disclosed to or discussed with anyone other than those individuals with a legitimate need to know.

(cf. 4112.6/4212.6/4312.6 - Personnel Files)

(cf. 4119.1/4219.1/4319.1 - Civil and Legal Rights)


approved: November 20, 2008 Gilroy, California