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School-Sponsored Trips   

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Principals approving field trips which include swimming or wading must verify that the following procedures have been followed:

( Parents/guardians must provide written permission for the student to swim and must indicate the student's swimming ability

( Swimming facilities, including backyard pools, must be inspected by the principal and teacher before the trip is scheduled

( Owners of private pools must provide a certificate of insurance, designating the district as an additional insured, for not less than $500,000 in liability coverage

( Lifeguards must be designated for all swimming activities. If lifeguards are not provided by the pool owner or operator, the principal shall ensure their presence. Lifeguards must be Red Cross certified or equivalent and must be at least 21 years old

( Specific supervisory responsibilities shall be determined in advance to accommodate the varying swimming abilities of students. These responsibilities shall be clarified in writing and reviewed verbally before the trip

( Emergency procedures shall be included with written instructions to adult chaperones and staff

( Staff and chaperones assigned to supervise students must wear swim suits and know how to swim

( The principal may require students to wear flotation devices, depending upon their age and swimming ability

( buddy-system or other means of surveillance shall be arranged in advance and strictly enforced during swimming activities.

I verify that all of the above procedures have been followed.

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version: November 20, 2008 Gilroy, California