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Hart-Ransom Union SD |  AR  3312.2  Business and Noninstructional Operations

Educational Travel Program Contracts   

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Educational travel organization or organization means a person, partnership, corporation, or other entity which offers educational travel programs for students residing in California. (Business and Professions Code 17552)

Student traveler or student means a person who is enrolled in elementary or secondary school, grades kindergarten through grade 12, at the time an educational travel program is arranged with an educational travel organization. (Business and Professions Code 17552)

Educational travel program means travel services that are arranged through or offered to an elementary or secondary school in the state, and where the services are represented to include an educational program as a component. (Business and Professions Code 17552)

Owner means a person or organization which owns or controls 10 percent or more of the equity of, or otherwise has claim to 10 percent or more of the net income of, the educational travel organization. (Business and Professions Code 17554)

Principal means an owner, an officer of a corporation, a general partner of a partnership, or a sole proprietor of a sole proprietorship. (Business and Professions Code 17554)

Contract Requirements

The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that each written contract with an educational travel organization includes all of the following: (Business and Professions Code 17554)

1. The travel organization's name, trade or business name, business address, business telephone number and a 24-hour emergency contact number

2. An itemized statement which shall include but not be limited to:

a. Services to be provided as part of the program

b. Agreed cost for the services

c. A statement as to whether or not the educational travel organization maintains insurance that supplies coverage in the event of injury to any student traveler, including the type and amount of coverage, the policy number and issuer, and the name and telephone number of the person or organization which is able to verify coverage

d. Any additional costs to students

e. The qualifications, if any, for experience and training that are required to be met by the educational travel organization's staff who shall accompany students on the educational travel program

3. A written description of the educational program being contracted for, including a copy of all materials to be provided to students

4. The number of times the educational travel program or a substantially similar educational travel program proposed by the contract has been conducted by the organization and the number of students who completed the program

5. The length of time the organization has either been arranging or conducting educational travel programs and, at the option of the organization, other travel services with substantially similar components

6. The name of each owner and principal of the organization

7. A statement as to whether any owner or principal of the organization has had entered against him or her any judgment, including a stipulated judgment, order, made a plea of nolo contendere or been convicted of any criminal violation in connection with the sale of any travel services for a period of 10 years predating the contract

District staff shall inform all vendors representing educational travel organizations that they may not arrange a travel program before the district has first entered into a written contract with the organization.


approved: January 14,2016 Modesto, California