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Food Service Operations/Cafeteria Fund   

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Payments for Meals

With the exception of students who are eligible to receive meals at no cost, students may pay on a per-meal basis or may submit payments in advance. The Superintendent or designee shall maintain a system for accurately recording payments received and tracking meals provided to each student.

(cf. 3550 - Food Service/Child Nutrition Program)

(cf. 3552 - Summer Meal Program)

(cf. 3553 - Free and Reduced Price Meals)

(cf. 3555 - Nutrition Program Compliance)

At the beginning of the school year, parents/guardians shall be notified of the district's meal payment policies and encouraged to prepay for meals whenever possible.

(cf. 1113 - District and School Web Sites)

Students and their parents/guardians shall be notified whenever their account has a zero balance. Whenever a student's account has an unpaid balance of $50 or more, parents/guardians shall be notified in writing that full payment is due within seven school days from the date of the notice.

In cases of repeated nonpayment by a student, the Superintendent or designee may contact parents/guardians to discuss the reasons for the nonpayment. The Superintendent or designee may evaluate individual circumstances to determine if the student's parents/guardians need assistance completing an application for free or reduced-price meals or need referral to social services.

In any school that uses a system of meal tickets or other similar medium of exchange rather than an electronic point-of-sale system, the Superintendent or designee shall develop a process for providing replacement tickets to any student who reports his/her tickets as lost or stolen. However, whenever any student reports an excessive number of lost or stolen tickets, the Superintendent or designee shall notify the parent/guardian and may provide an alternative method of tracking meal usage for that student.

In order to avoid potential misuse of a student's food service account by someone other than the student in whose name the account has been established, the Superintendent or designee shall verify a student's identity when setting up the account and when charging any meal to the account. The Superintendent or designee shall investigate any claim that a bill does not belong to a student or is inaccurate, shall not require a student to pay a bill that appears to be the result of identity theft, and shall open a new account with a new account number for a student who appears to be the subject of identity theft.

(cf. 1340 - Access to District Records)

(cf. 3580 - District Records)

Reimbursement Claims

The Superintendent or designee shall maintain records of the number of meals served each day by school site and by category of free, reduced-price, and full-price meals. The Superintendent or designee shall submit reimbursement claims for school meals to the California Department of Education (CDE) using the online Child Nutrition Information and Payment System.

Cafeteria Fund

All proceeds from food sales and other services offered by the cafeteria shall be deposited in the cafeteria fund as provided by law. The income and expenditures of any cafeteria revolving account established by the Board of Trustees shall be recorded as income and expenditures of the cafeteria fund. (Education Code 38090, 38091)

(cf. 3100 - Budget)

(cf. 3300 - Expenditures and Purchases)

The cafeteria fund shall be used only for those expenditures authorized by the Board as necessary for the operation of school cafeterias in accordance with Education Code 38100-38103, 2 CFR 225, and the California School Accounting Manual. (Education Code 38091, 38101; 2 CFR 225)

Any charges to, or transfers from, a food service program shall be dated and accompanied by a written explanation of the expenditure's purpose and basis. (Education Code 38101)

(cf. 3110 - Transfer of Funds)

Indirect costs charged to the food service program shall be based on either the district's prior year indirect cost rate or the statewide average approved indirect cost rate for the second prior fiscal year, whichever is less. (Education Code 38101)

Net cash resources in the nonprofit school food service shall not exceed three months average expenditures. (2 CFR 210.14)

Contracts with Outside Services

The term of any contract for food service management or consulting services shall not exceed one year. Any renewal of the contract or further requests for proposals to provide such services shall be considered on a year-to-year basis. (Education Code 45103.5; 7 CFR 210.16)

Any contract for management of the food service operation shall be approved by CDE and comply with the conditions in Education Code 49554 and 7 CFR 210.16 as applicable. The district shall retain control of the quality, extent, and general nature of its food services, including prices to be charged to students for meals, and shall monitor the food service operation through periodic on-site visits. The district shall not enter into a contract with a food service company to provide a la carte food services only, unless the company agrees to offer free, reduced-price, and full-price reimbursable meals to all eligible students. (Education Code 49554; 42 USC 1758; 7 CFR 210.16)

Any contract for consulting services shall not result in the supervision of food service classified staff by the management consultant, nor shall it result in the elimination of any food service classified staff or position or have any adverse effect on the wages, benefits, or other terms and conditions of employment of classified food service staff or positions. All persons providing consulting services shall be subject to applicable employment conditions related to health and safety as listed in Education Code 45103.5. (Education Code 45103.5)

(cf. 3312 - Contracts)

(cf. 3515.6 - Criminal Background Checks for Contractors)

(cf. 3600 - Consultants)

(cf. 4112.4/4212.4/4312.4 - Health Examinations)

(cf. 4212 - Appointments and Conditions of Employment)


approved: January 14, 2016 Modesto, California