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The Board of Trustees authorizes the use of consultants to provide expert professional advice or specialized technical or training services which are not needed on a continuing basis and which cannot be provided by district staff because of limitations of time, experience or knowledge. Individuals, firms or organizations employed as consultants may assist management with decisions and/or project development related to financial, economic, accounting, engineering, legal, administrative, instructional or other matters.

As part of the contract process, the Superintendent or designee shall determine, in accordance with Internal Revenue Service guidelines, that the consultant is properly classified as an independent contractor. District employees who perform extra-duty consultant services shall not be retained as independent contractors. They shall be considered employees for all purposes, even if the additional services are not related to their regular duties.

All consultant contracts shall be brought to the Board for approval.

(cf. 3312 - Contracts)

The district shall not contract for consulting services that can be performed without charge by a public agency or official unless these services are unavailable from the public source for reasons beyond the district's control.

All qualified firms or resource persons shall be accorded equal opportunity for consultant contracts regardless of race, creed, color, gender, national or ethnic origin, age or disability.

(cf. 3311 - Bids)

(cf. 3551 - Food Service Operations/Cafeteria Fund)

(cf. 4030 - Nondiscrimination in Employment)

Independent contractors applying for a consultant contract shall submit a written conflict of interest statement disclosing financial interests as determined necessary by the Superintendent or designee, depending on the range of duties to be performed by the consultant. The Superintendent or designee shall consider this statement when deciding whether to recommend the consultant's employment.

(cf. 9270 - Conflict of Interest)

When employees of a public university, county office of education or other public agency serve as consultant or resource persons for the district, they shall certify as part of the consultant agreement that they will not receive salary or remuneration other than vacation pay from any other public agency for the specific days when they work for this district.

Legal Reference:


10400-10407 Cooperative improvement programs

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35010 Control of districts; prescription and enforcement of rules

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35204 Contract with attorney

44925 Part-time readers employed as independent contractors

45103 Classified service in districts not incorporating the merit system

45103.5 Contracts for food service consulting services

45134-45135 Employment of retired classified employee

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53060 Contract for special services and advice

Management Resources:


15-A Employer's Supplemental Tax Guide


adopted: January 14, 2016 Modesto, California