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Hart-Ransom Union SD |  BB  9110  Board Bylaws

Terms Of Office   

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The Board of Trustees shall consist of five members whose terms shall be staggered so that as nearly as practicable, one half of the members shall be elected in each odd-numbered year.

The term of office for members elected in regular elections shall be four years, commencing on the first Friday in December next succeeding their election. (Education Code 5017)

Board member terms expire four years after their initial election on the first Friday in December following the election of new members. (Education Code 5000)

A member whose term has expired shall continue to discharge the duties of the office until his/her successor has qualified by taking the oath of office. (Government Code 1302, 1360; Education Code 5017)

(cf. 9220 - Board of Trustees Elections)

(cf. 9223 - Filling Vacancies)

(cf. 9224 - Oath or Affirmation)

(cf. 9250 - Remuneration, Reimbursement, and Other Benefits)

Legal Reference:


5000-5033 Election of school district board members

35010 Control of district

35012 Board members; number, election and terms

35107 Eligibility


1302 Continuance in office until qualification of successor

1303 Exercising functions of office without having qualified

1360 Necessity of taking constitutional oath


adopted: January 14, 2016 Modesto, California