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Hart-Ransom Union SD |  BB  9222  Board Bylaws


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A member of the Board of Trustees who wishes to resign from the Board shall file a written resignation with the County Superintendent of Schools. (Education Code 5090)

The resigning Board member shall also notify the Board and give a copy of his/her written resignation to the Board secretary.

The resignation shall become effective when filed with the County Superintendent, except when a deferred effective date is specified in the resignation. A Board member may not defer the effective date of his/her resignation for more than 60 days after he/she files the resignation with the County Superintendent. (Education Code 5090, 5091)

Once filed, a written resignation, whether specifying a deferred effective date or otherwise, shall be irrevocable. (Education Code 5090)

A Board member who tenders his/her resignation with a deferred effective date shall, until the effective date of the resignation, continue to exercise all the powers of the office, except that he/she shall not have the right to vote for his/her successor in an action taken by the Board to make a provisional appointment. (Education Code 5091, 35178)

(cf. 9223 - Filling Vacancies)

A Board member who resigns shall file, within 30 days of leaving office, a revised Statement of Economic Interest/Form 700 covering the period of time between the closing date of the last statement required to be filed and the date he/she leaves office. (Government Code 87302, 87500)

(cf. 9270 - Conflict of Interest)

Legal Reference:


5090-5095 Vacancies on the board

35178 Resignation with deferred effective date


1770 Vacancy on the board

87300-87313 Conflict of interest code

87500 Statement of economic interests

Management Resources:


Filling a Board Vacancy, rev. December 2010




adopted: March 16, 2017 Modesto, California