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Hayward USD |  AR  3300  Business and Noninstructional Operations

Expenditures And Purchases   

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The following procedures will be followed to execute the intent of the Board of Education regarding expenditures:

1. Comply with the letter and spirit of all laws and regulations governing purchasing.

2. Obtain maximum value for each dollar expended consistent with the quality desired.

3. Conduct purchasing in a businesslike manner, using the most efficient procedures, records and reports.

4. Purchase without favor or prejudice

a. no member of the Governing Board shall hold interest in any contract made by this Board of Education (as defined in Education Code 35230-35240);

b. the Purchasing Department shall not contract with, or purchase from, an employee of the district;

c. employees of the Hayward Unified School District shall refrain from accepting any gratuities and shall report any such offers to the Superintendent.

5. Establish specifications that are descriptive of materials desired and that are sufficiently broad to promote competitive bidding.

6. Attract and develop a group of responsible bidders, including minorities and women contractors, able to offer the best prices consistent with quality, delivery and service.

7. Give all bidders an equal opportunity to qualify for school business.

8. Purchase by competitive bidding (advertised bid, written price quotation, oral price quotation) and award to the lowest responsible bidder meeting specifications.

9. Participate in cooperative purchasing with other governmental agencies when consistent with the policies listed herein.


approved: March 16, 1992 Hayward, California

revised: March, 2013

revised: October 9, 2013