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Gifts, Grants And Bequests   

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The Governing Board has a duty to vote on and may accept any gift, grant, or bequest of money, property, or service to the district from any individual, private agency or organization, or other public agency that desires to support the district's educational program. While greatly appreciating suitable donations, the Board discourages any gifts that may directly or indirectly impair its commitment to providing equal educational opportunities for all district students.

Before accepting a gift, the Board shall consider whether the gift:

1. Has a purpose consistent with the district's vision and philosophy.

2. Places any restrictions on the district educational program.

3. Begins a program that the Board would be unable or unwilling to continue when the donated funds are exhausted.

4. Entails undesirable, hidden or excessive costs.

5. Promotes the use of violence, drugs, tobacco, or alcohol or the violation of any law or district policy.

6. Implies endorsement of any business or product or unduly commercialize or politicize the school environment.

7. Conflicts with any provision of the school code or public law.

The Board shall carefully evaluate any conditions or restrictions imposed by the donor in light of district philosophy and operations. If the Board feels the district will be unable to fully satisfy the donor's conditions, the gift shall not be accepted.

Any gift of books and instructional materials shall be accepted only if they meet regular district criteria for selection of instructional materials.

All gifts, grants, and bequests shall become district property. Donors are encouraged to donate all gifts to the district rather than to a particular school. Although gifts do not become property of a particular school site, it is intended that they remain at the location specified by the donor. At the Superintendent or designee's discretion, a gift may be used at a particular school.

Use of the gift shall not be impaired by restrictions or conditions imposed by the donor.

The Board will try to follow the donor's wishes insofar as they do not conflict with district philosophy or operations.

(cf. 6161.1 - Procedures and Criteria for Selection and Evaluation)

When any gift of money received by the district is not immediately used, it shall be placed in the county treasury in accordance with law. (Education Code 41030-41031)

The Superintendent or designee shall regularly provide a report to the Board indicating the gifts, grants, and/or bequests received on behalf of the district in the preceding fiscal year. The report shall include a statement of account and expenditure of all gifts of money and an inventory of all gifts of physical assets.


The Board may show appreciation for any donation to the district in any manner it deems appropriate. Such appreciation may take the form of letters of recognition or Board resolutions; plaques, commendations, or awards; planting of commemorative trees or gardens; or naming or renaming of buildings, grounds, or facilities. Conferment of any such honor shall be in accordance with applicable Board policy.

Corporate Sponsorship

The Board may enter into an agreement or arrangement with an outside entity for the sponsorship of an educational, athletic, or other program or activity. When appropriate, the agreement may allow the outside entity to advertise or promote its business, product, or service in district publications or on district property or web sites.

Every sponsorship agreement shall be in writing and shall be approved by the Board. The Board shall ensure that the district's relationship and arrangement with the sponsor are consistent with the district's mission, values, and goals. Any advertising or promotional message, image, or other depiction to be used by the sponsor shall meet the standards set for commercial advertising on district property and in district-sponsored publications. No message, image, or other depiction that promotes the use of obscene language, pornography, alcohol, tobacco, or prohibited drugs or that advocates unlawful discrimination, use of violence, or the violation of law or district policy shall be allowed.

Each sponsorship agreement shall contain statements including, but not limited to:

1. The purpose of the relationship with the sponsor, details of the benefits to the district, and how the benefits will be distributed.

2. The duration of the agreement and the roles, expectations, rights, and responsibilities of the district and the sponsor, including whether and to what extent the sponsor is allowed to advertise or promote its products and/or services.

3. The authority of the Board to retain exclusive right over the use of the district's name, logo, and other proprietary information. The sponsor's use of such information shall require prior approval of the Board.

4. The authority of the Board to terminate the agreement without any penalty or sanction to the district if the sponsor's message, business, or product becomes inconsistent with district vision, mission, or goals or the sponsor engages in any prohibited activity.

5. The prohibition against the collection of students' personal information except as allowed by law.

Legal Reference:


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41030 School district may invest surplus monies from bequest or gifts

41031 Special fund or account in county treasury

41032 Authority of school board to accept gift or bequest; investments; gift of land requirements

41035 Advisory committee

41036 Function of advisory committee

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adopted: February 18, 1992 Hayward, California

revised: March 13, 2013