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Patient Records   

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(a) Any adult patient who inspects his or her patient records pursuant to Section 123110 shall have the right to provide to the health care provider a written addendum with respect to any item or statement in his or her records that the patient believes to be incomplete or incorrect. The addendum shall be limited to 250 words per alleged incomplete or incorrect item in the patient's record and shall clearly indicate in writing that the patient wishes the addendum to be made a part of his or her record.

(b) The health care provider shall attach the addendum to the patient's records and shall include that addendum whenever the health care provider makes a disclosure of the allegedly incomplete or incorrect portion of the patient's records to any third party.

(c) The receipt of information in a patient's addendum which contains defamatory or otherwise unlawful language, and the inclusion of this information in the patient's records, in accordance with subdivision (b), shall not, in and of itself, subject the health care provider to liability in any civil, criminal, administrative, or other proceeding.

(d) Subdivision (f) of Section 123110 and Section 123120 shall be applicable with respect to any violation of this section by a health care provider.

(Amended by Stats. 2001, Ch. 159, Sec. 138.)