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Legal Resources | Code of Regulations, Title 8 |    33020  

Chapter 2. Educational Employment Relations Act. Subchapter 1. Representation Proceedings. Article 1. General Provisions. Window Period.   

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"Window period" means the 29-day period established pursuant to Government Code Sections 3544.1(c) and 3544.7(b)(1) which is less than 120 days, but more than 90 days, prior to the expiration date of a lawful written agreement negotiated by the public school employer and the exclusive representative. The written agreement expiration date means the last effective date of the agreement. Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 32130, the date on which the written agreement expires shall not be counted for the purpose of computing the window period.

Authority cited:

Government Code 3541.3(g)


Government Code 3544.1(c)

Government Code 3544.7(b)(1)

(Register 2006, No. 15.)