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Each student is expected to strive to take full advantage of educational opportunities and to do his/her best in all areas of school life. Each student has the right to an education in a clean orderly, safe and supportive atmosphere and is expected to actively contribute to a positive learning climate by:

1. Respecting and working cooperatively with fellow students and school staff.

2. Maintaining regular and punctual attendance at school and in each class.

3. Remaining on the school campus as assigned during school hours, including lunch and recess periods.

4. Responding positively and promptly to requests and direction by faculty or staff members.

5. Refraining from fighting or other abusive behavior directed toward any student, faculty or staff member.

6. Using respectful and academic language without profanity or vulgarity.

7. Avoiding, providing encouragement or assistance to another student to take action which would subject a student to suspension or expulsion.

8. Refraining from possession or use of explosives, dangerous chemicals or weapons on school property or at a school function.

9. Refraining from the damage to or theft of personal or district property.

10. Refraining from unauthorized entry into or misuse or damage of school property.

11. Being financially responsible, with his/her parent/guardian, for willful damage or destruction of school property.

12. Refraining from the possession or use of tobacco on school premises and at school functions.

13. Refraining from the use or possession of alcohol, dangerous drugs or narcotics on school property or at a school function.

14. Avoiding disruption, on or off of school property, of the educational process or other school function.

Failure of a student to comply with these guidelines constitutes an infringement upon the rights of other students and acts to inhibit the development of a positive learning climate and may result in disciplinary action as permitted by Education Code.


adopted: August 3, 1992 Hayward, California

revised: October 23, 2013