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Hayward USD |  AR  3515.3  Business and Noninstructional Operations

District Police/Security Department   

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To be employed as district police or security officers, persons shall meet all the requirements for classified personnel in addition to specialized requirements as described below.

(cf. 4112.4/4212.4/4312.4 - Health Examinations)

(cf. 4112.41/4212.41/4312.41 - Employee Drug Testing)

(cf. 4211 - Recruitment and Selection)

(cf. 4212 - Appointment and Conditions of Employment)

(cf. 4215 - Evaluation/Supervision)

Qualifications of Security Officers

Every school security officer shall: (Education Code 38001.5)

1. Under the conditions described in Education Code 38001.5, submit to the district copies of his/her fingerprints on forms or electronically, as prescribed by the Department of Justice

2. Be determined to be a person not prohibited from employment by a school district pursuant to Education Code 44237 or 45122.1

(cf. 3515.6 - Criminal Background Checks for Contractors)

(cf. 4112.62/4212.62/4312.62 - Maintenance of Criminal Offender Records)

(cf. 4212.5 - Criminal Record Check)


Each district police or security officer shall wear a badge bearing the name of the district, carry an identification card bearing his/her photograph and signature and the signature of the Superintendent, and carry any other identification data required by local law enforcement agencies. (Education Code 38003)

The district shall bear the cost of all required uniforms, equipment, identification badges and cards. (Education Code 38003)

The Board may provide and maintain motor vehicles for use by police or security department staff. When operated by a district officer in the performance of his/her duties, any vehicle is an authorized emergency vehicle and may be equipped and operated as such, as provided by the Vehicle Code. (Education Code 38004)


approved: March 27, 2013 Hayward, California