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Hayward USD |  AR  3530.1  Business and Noninstructional Operations

Risk Management, Insurance And Indemnity Protection   

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District employees will proactively seek to negotiate and include provisions within each of the district's leases and vendor, technology, goods and services, professional services, facilities use, and other contracts, agreements, and memoranda of understanding, that transfer risk exposures to the other contracting party, including defense and indemnity provisions, and that require the other party to name the district, its governing board, its employees, and its volunteers as "additional insureds" under its insurance policy or indemnity coverage agreements.

District employees will regularly review its insurance and indemnity coverage agreements in order to ensure that they meet the district's needs and legal obligations.

District employees, legal counsel and agents will work proactively and cooperatively with insurers, coverage providers, and district consultants in order to develop and implement prudent risk management and claims management systems, and to provide information and training to employees to ensure that these programs are properly supported and applied to all aspects of the district's operations.

The district's Risk Manager shall supervise the district's risk management and claims management programs, and shall develop internal processes, procedures, forms and guidelines that support the implementation of best practice standards intended to benefit the district, its employees and students.

When the district's coverage provider(s) or consultants provide recommended forms, processes, or procedures to improve the district's risk management or claims management operations, the Superintendent shall review such items and shall adopt such forms, processes, or procedures for district use unless doing so would be overly burdensome or there is an objective reason for not taking such action. District employees shall only use approved forms for conducting district business operations.


approved: January 30, 2013 Hayward, California