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Temporary and Part-Time Personnel   

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Each certificated employee hired as a temporary employee shall receive a written statement at the time of employment clearly indicating his/her temporary status, salary, and length of service.

A person employed on a temporary basis in a position requiring certification qualifications for at least 75% of one school year and reemployed the following year shall be classified as probationary by the Governing Board. The previous year's employment shall be considered one year's employment as a probationary employee for the purpose of acquiring permanent status.

Shared or Part-Time Assignments

The Board may employ persons requiring certification qualifications on less than a full-time basis. Persons employed who serve less than the minimum school day as defined by the Education Code shall be classified as part-time.

Legal Reference:


44830 Employment of certificated persons

44916 Time of classification; statement of employment status

44917 Classification of substitute employees; temporary employment deemed probationary employment

44918 Substitute or temporary employee deemed probationary employee; reemployment rights

44919 Classification of temporary employees

44920 Employment of certain temporary employees; classifications

44921 Employment of temporary employees; reemployment rights

(unified and high school districts)

44924 Re authorization for part-time employees

45025 Part-time employees

45041 Computation of salary

45042 Alternative method of computation for less than one school year

45043 Compensation for employment beginning in the second semester


adopted: July, 1992 Santa Barbara, California