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Purpose of this chapter   

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The purpose of this chapter is to afford to qualifying individuals health care and related remedial or preventive services, including related social services which are necessary for thoses receiving health care under this chapter.

The intent of the Legislature is to provide, to the extent practicable, through the provisions of this chapter, for health care for those aged and other persons, including family persons who lack sufficient annual income to meet the costs of health care, and whose other assets are so limited that their aoolication toward the costs of such care would jepardize the person or family's future minimum self-maintenance and security. It is intended that whanever possible and feasable:

(a) The means employed shall allow, to the extent practicable, eligible persons to secure health care in the same manner employed by the public generally, and without discrimination or segregation based purely on their economic disability. The means employed shall include an emphasis on efforts to arrange and encourage access to health care through enrollment in organized, managed care plans of the type available to the general public.

(b) The benefits available under this chapter shall not duplicate those provided under other federal or state laws or under other contractual or legal entitlements of the person or persons receiving them.

(c) In the administration of this chapter and in establishing the means to be used to provide access to health care to persons eligible under this chapter, the department shall emphasize and take advantage of both the efficient organization and ready accessibility and availability of health care facilities and resources through enrollment in managed health care plans and new innovative fee-for-service managed health care plan approaches to the delivery of health care services.

(Amended by Stats. 1991, Ch. 95, Sec. 1.)