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Public Social Services; Aid and Medical Assistance; Computation and Payment of Aid Grants   

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(a) The appeal filed with the department pursuant to Section 11468.2 shall specify whether the provider does or does not wish that an informal conference among the parties be held, together with the reasons therefor. Either party may request, or the hearing officer may order, that a telephone conference call be initiated among the parties for discussion of the advisability of conducting an informal conference. The hearing officer shall decide whether an informal conference would be appropriate and notify the parties of this decision in writing.

(b) If the hearing officer determines that an informal conference is appropriate, it shall be ordered and scheduled as soon as reasonably possible. The hearing officer shall preside at this informal conference.

(c) The department shall mail written notice of the time and place of the informal conference to each party at least 10 calendar days before the date of the informal conference. This period may be shortened with the consent of the parties. Any party may waive notice.

(d) Efforts shall be made to resolve the facts and issues in dispute in a fair and equitable manner, subject to the requirements of state and federal law.

(Added by Stats. 1990, Ch. 46, Sec. 9.)