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Additional Compensation   

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Certificated personnel who perform the following assignments shall be compensated as specified below:

1. Team Leaders

Each school principal shall appoint two Team Leaders, one upper grade teacher and one lower grade teacher. The duties of the Team Leaders shall include providing leadership in the areas of ordering instructional materials, conducting meetings, scheduling teacher aide hours, assist the principal with other scheduling needs such as duty schedules, attend Curriculum Council meetings, and other duties as assigned by the principal. The Team Leaders will be compensated for their year of service in the amount of $1250 per year, paid in monthly increments.

2. Outdoor Education

Fifth and sixth grade teachers shall be compensated for attending overnight camp as part of the curriculum (CIMI, Astro Camp, Rancho El Chorro and Sage Hill). Teachers who attend a five-day camp shall receive compensation of $250 and teachers who attend a four-day camp shall receive compensation of $200 beginning with the 2001-2002 school year. Compensation shall be made upon receipt of verification of attendance from the site principal.


adopted: June 2001 Santa Barbara, California