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Travel Expenses   

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In-District Mileage

Those administrative, supervisory, consulting, teaching, or operational positions which, by the nature of their responsibilities, must use personal cars to travel throughout the district to carry out their functions shall be reimbursed at a rate for state and local governmental agencies.

1. Positions, which by their nature and description require the employee to travel to multiple sites. Classroom teachers do not meet this description.

2. Staff Development conferences approved by the administration.

3. Other related activities with prior approval.

Out-of-District Travel

Personnel who attend meetings outside the district shall be reimbursed at a rate per mile in accordance with the current IRS approved rate for state and local governmental agencies, and for other actual and necessary expenses, provided that each employee has received prior written approval, from the principal or Superintendent, for such out-of-district travel.

The maximum allowed for transportation expense to authorized conventions, conferences and special meetings shall be equal to the minimum round trip air fare.

When actual expenses/receipts for meals are not available reimbursement is made in accordance with the per diem rates established by the IRS.

Every effort should be made to share automobile transportation for conferences, meetings, conventions, etc., in order to provide a cost savings to the district.

Claims for reimbursement shall be made on the form provided. The employee will request a claim form from the school office. The Supervisor or administrator must also initial the claim prior to submittal to the District Office.


Approved: July 2001 Santa Barbara, California