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Family planning: teen pregnancy   

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(a) The Community Challenge Grants Program shall be a continuing program within the Office of Family Planning with the goal of reducing the number of teenage pregnancies and teenage single parents, and promoting responsible parenting and the involvement of the biological father in economic, social, and emotional support of his children.

(b) The program may target the following specific population groups:

(1) Presexually active adolescents.

(2) Sexually active adolescents.

(3) Pregnant and parenting teens.

(4) Parents and families.

(5) Adults at risk for unwed motherhood or absentee fatherhood.

(c) School-based programs that include sexuality education shall comply with the requirements of Section 51553 of the Education Code relative to the content of sex education courses, Section 51201.5 of the Education Code, which governs HIV/AIDS prevention, and Section 220 of the Education Code, which prohibits discrimination in schools based on sexual orientation.

(d) Grants shall be made available to qualifying community-based nonprofit organizations and priority shall be given to those organizations with community-based partnerships that have developed effective local prevention programs.

(e) This section shall be implemented to the extent funding is made available through the federal government, or in the annual Budget Act or another state statute, or any combination of any sources of funding.

(Added by Stats. 2003, Ch. 643, Sec. 2.)