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To protect the health of all students and staff and to curtail the spread of infectious diseases, the Governing Board shall cooperate with state and local public health agencies to encourage and facilitate immunization of all district students against preventable diseases.

(cf. 5141.22 - Infectious Diseases)

Each student enrolling for the first time in a district elementary school shall present an immunization record from any authorized private or public health care provider certifying that he/she has received all required immunizations in accordance with law. Students shall be excluded from school or exempted from immunization requirements only as allowed by law.

Any school or child care program that leases space must comply with all the requirements of the Health and Safety Code regarding the appropriate paperwork that is required for exemption from immunization requirements.

The District shall exclude unvaccinated students from school for a period of 21 days, or the length of time recommended by the County Health Department, upon notice of possible exposure to a case of measles. The exclusion affects students enrolled in Hope School District as well as students enrolled in programs that occupy leased space on our school sites. Any school or child care program that leases space must comply with all Department of Public Health and Safety requirements regarding quarantine/separation of appropriate students in case of an exposure or outbreak.

(cf. 5112.1 - Exemptions from Attendance)

(cf. 5112.2 - Exclusions from Attendance)

(cf. 5141.32 - Health Screening for School Entry)

(cf. 5148 - Child Care and Development)

Transfer Students (Interstate/Intrastate)

Except to the extent otherwise authorized by law, each transfer student shall present evidence of immunization before he/she is admitted to school. Such evidence may include the child's personal immunization record from his/her authorized health care provider or his/her cumulative file from his/her previous school.

Each transfer student shall be requested to present his/her immunization record upon registration at a district school.

However, when necessary, a transfer student may be conditionally admitted for up to 30 school days while his/her immunization records are being transferred from the previous school. If these records do not arrive within 30 school days, the student shall present written documentation by an authorized health care provider showing that the required immunizations were received. If such documentation is not presented, the student shall be excluded from school until the required immunizations have been administered. (17 CCR 6070)

(cf. 5141.3 - Health Examinations)

(cf. 5145.6 - Parental Notifications)

Legal Reference:


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120325-120380 Immunization against communicable disease, especially:

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430 Student records


6000-6075 School attendance immunization requirements



adopted: July 1992 Santa Barbara, California

revised: March 9, 2015