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Article 7.5. Teacher Assistants   

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The purposes of this article include the following:

(a) To enhance the teaching of reading, language arts, mathematics, social science, science, and other basic academic subjects to general education pupils in grades 1 to 6, inclusive.

(b) To begin to reduce the impact of large classes in grades 1 to 6, inclusive, through the use of trained teacher assistants, operating within the classroom of a certificated teacher under the direction of that teacher.

(c) To develop, in persons who want to be teacher assistants, competency in specific academic subjects that are part of the curriculum in grades 1 to 6, inclusive, and in child development theory. In order to qualify as a teacher assistant for purposes of this article, a person shall meet both of the following conditions:

(1) Successful completion of a two-year course of study at a California community college, pursuant to which the applicant has been awarded an Associate of Arts, Teacher Assistant degree.

(2) Passage of an examination developed and administered for this purpose by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

(Added by Stats. 1989, Ch. 1345, Sec. 2.)