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Legal Resources | Health and Safety Code |  HS  104460  

Risk Reduction; Tobacco Control; Tobacco Use Prevention   

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(a) Each school district receiving funds from the Cigarette and Tobacco Products Surtax Fund shall make all of the following services available to every pregnant minor and minor parent enrolled in the school district:

(1) Referral to perinatal and related support services.

(2) Outreach services and assessment of smoking status.

(3) Individualized counseling and advocacy services.

(4) Motivational messages.

(5) Cessation services, if appropriate.

(6) Incentives to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

(7) Followup assessment.

(8) Maintenance and relapse prevention services.

(b) Where appropriate, those services listed in subdivision (a) shall be integrated with existing programs for pregnant minors and minor parents.

(c) Each district plan submitted in application for funds under this article shall include a description of the availability of the services required by this section.

(Added by Stats. 1995, Ch. 415, Sec. 5.)