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School-Based Management Site Councils   

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The Governing Board believes that shared decision making at the site level can be the key to improving education. The Board encourages programs that involve staff, students, parents guardians and the community in a partnership empowered to design, implement, monitor and evaluate plans which respond to their school's unique needs and which also coincide with district goals.

School Site Council

To ensure effective communication and community participation in planning for improvement of school programs, each school participating in categorically-funded school improvement planning or in a school-based coordinated program shall establish a school site council with membership as follows:

1. The principal.

2. Teachers selected by the school's teachers.

3. Other school personnel chosen by the school's other personnel.

4. Parents/guardians of students attending the school, chosen by other such parents/guardians, or community members chosen as representatives by such parents/guardians.

Half of all elementary school site councils shall consist of school staff (#1, 2 and 3 above), the majority of them classroom teachers. The remaining half of the school site councils shall be parents/guardians or parent/guardian representatives.

A school employee may serve as a parent/guardian representative on the site council of the school his/her child attends, provided the employee does not work at that school. (Education Code 52852)

Note: Site councils may serve several purposes in addition to guiding comprehensive school-based programs. Any school site advisory committee required by state law or regulations may allow the site council to function on its behalf for up to two years. (Education Code 52870) The advisory committee on compensatory education programs may designate the school site council to function as the school advisory council on compensatory education for up to two years (Education Code 54425). If used as the advisory committee for bilingual education, the site council must conform to the membership ratio specified in Education Code 52176(b).

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adopted: July, 1992 Santa Barbara, California