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Governing Board Meetings   

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Meetings of the Governing Board are conducted for the purpose of accomplishing district business. As a matter of district policy and state law, meetings shall ordinarily be held in public. The Board may conduct closed meeting sessions to discuss certain matters which are confidential.

(cf. 9321 - Closed Meetings)

The Board encourages community involvement in the schools as an essential element of effective schools. The Board and administration shall actively seek the input of parents/guardians and interested community members on Board agenda items.

Board meetings shall be conducted in accordance with applicable laws and with Board Bylaws adopted by the Board to govern its actions and the actions of individual Board members.

(cf. 9320 - Meetings)

(cf. 9322 - Agenda/Meeting Materials)

(cf. 9323 - Meeting Conduct)

(cf. 9323.2 - Actions by Board)

Legal Reference:


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35146 Closed sessions

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adopted: July, 1992 Santa Barbara, California