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Evaluation of the Superintendent   

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The Governing Board believes that an annual evaluation of the Superintendent's performance strengthens working relationships between the Superintendent and the Board. The evaluation process should clarify the Superintendent's role and give the Board and Superintendent an opportunity to jointly identify immediate priorities among the Superintendent's many responsibilities. Evaluations also should help the Board to monitor progress toward established goals and to set reasonable criteria for salary increases and/or contract extension. The Board's evaluations should include commendations in areas of strength and recommendations for improving effectiveness.

Performance Objectives

Each year, the Board and Superintendent shall agree upon a limited number of objectives which shall be used to evaluate the Superintendent's performance. These objectives shall reflect established goals and needs of the district with regard to the educational program, personnel, operations, management, community relations, Board-Superintendent relations, and professional leadership. For each objective, the Board and Superintendent shall identify in writing the activities to be performed, expected results and timelines, and resources or constraints which may affect achievement.

Evaluation Process

Each year, each Board member shall independently rate the Superintendent's performance in each performance objective. The Board shall meet in closed session to discuss these evaluations.

The Board shall examine all Board members' ratings and reach a consensus upon each performance objective. The Board president or designee shall then develop a single evaluation, illustrating the Board's collective judgment of each objective, and provide a copy to the Superintendent.

Each year, the Board shall meet in closed session with the Superintendent to discuss the evaluation. The Superintendent and Board members shall agree upon and sign an evaluation summary.

Additional evaluations may be arranged at any time during the school year at the request of either the Board or the Superintendent.


adopted: July, 1992 Santa Barbara, California