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Temporary and Part-Time Personnel   

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Shared or Part-time Assignments


Participation in the program shall be limited to certificated staff, excluding administration, subject to approval of the Superintendent and confirmation by the Governing Board.


A written proposal must be mutually agreed upon by the school principal, the affected certificated employees, and the Superintendent prior to being submitted to the Board.

A. The proposal must be submitted to the Superintendent.

B. The proposal shall include the following components, where applicable:

1. The instructional design of the program.

2. The specific work site of the shared assignment.

3. Individual work calendars showing the specific days and times a participant will work for the entire year.

4. Designated times for participants to meet with each other, with fellow teachers or with employees (e.g., support staff) to confer about student progress, to diagnose student needs, and establish working relationships.

5. Attendance at school, district and committee meetings.

6. A plan for parent-teacher conferences and completion of written Student Progress Reports.

7. A rationale regarding benefits to the educational program for students.

8. Provisions for communicating with parents and appropriate school personnel.

Duties and Responsibilities

It is understood that all employees participating will perform those duties and responsibilities routinely assigned to employees within a school or department which include and are not limited to the following:

A. Be on duty during pre-school orientation days, Back-to-School and Open House Nights, Fall Parent Conference Days and other school or PTA functions on the same basis as full-time employees. In shared assignments, Spring Conference will be conducted by either or both employees as determined by need.

B. Attend faculty or team meetings as scheduled on the respective "on-duty days" and required inservice meetings unless otherwise directed by the principal or the Superintendent. Responsibility for communication of information disseminated in a meeting rests with both employees.

C. Non-teaching duties and responsibilities are to be shared proportionally between the participating employees.


A. Each participating employee's salary shall be prorated at the percentage that the participant's assignment relates to a full-time assignment.

B. Each participant who works a full year in this program will receive one year of credit toward advancement on the salary schedule, provided he/she works 75% of the days specified in a full time teaching contract.

Fringe Benefits

A Health and welfare benefits, leave benefits, and STRS contributions shall be prorated at the percentage that the participant's assignment relates to a full-time assignment.

B. Each participating employee may maintain full health and welfare benefits by paying any additional premium quarterly in advance.

Requests to Return to Full-Time Assignment

An employee who, immediately prior to being granted a shared or part-time assignment, was a full-time employee and had not received a layoff notice, shall have the right to return to a full-time certificated position at the beginning of the following school year if a full-time is available or when one might become available. Should an employee elect to continue participation in the part-time or shared assignment position beyond the first year (with approval of the principal, Superintendent and the Board), there are no bumping rights to a full-time position.

General Provisions

A. Both participants will assume full responsibility for the assignment including responsibility for students. Parent-teacher conferences and written Student Progress Reports to parents will be joining responsibility of the shared assignment team.

B. If one member of a shared assignment team is unable to fulfill the requirements of a shared assignment for the remainder of the year, the other participant shall be offered a full-time position. Should the team member elect not to accept the offer, the district will fill the vacated position in accordance with present practices.

This program does not preclude an employee from receiving a layoff notice under California Education Code Section 44955.

Duration of Contract Program

New assignments for the program shall be approved for one school year.


The assigned teachers shall cooperatively participate in the evaluation of the program.

Substituting (Shared Assignment)

A. When one member of a shared assignment team is absent for illness or other paid leave, the remaining team member is encouraged to take over full-time for the period of absence, subject to the provisions of "B".

B. Changes in the individual work calendar days to cover such absences shall be approved by the principal and limited to five days for each member of the team. Absences in excess of five days will require a substitute provided by the district.

STRS Contributions

Employees will contribute to the State Teachers Retirement System and will receive credit for one-half year of service toward retirement. The district will continue its contributions on a prorated basis.


Shared contract status shall not constitute a break in service.

Time Sharing

A. Teachers shall share time as equally as possible.

B. Full-time single semester assignment are not permitted.

C. Time sharing or part-time plans for certificated staff other than regular classroom teachers must be individually tailored to the needs of the school and approved in accordance with the provisions of the program.

Workers Compensations

Workers Compensation benefits shall be paid in accordance with existing law.


approved: July, 1992 Santa Barbara, California