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Classified employees on the regular classified salary schedule who are employed full-time are allowed vacation with pay each year according to terms established by the regulations established by the district. Less than one year's service merits vacation in proportion to the time served. Part-time employees on regular contract merit vacation which is prorated according to the time served. Part-time employees working on an intermittent basis are not entitled to vacation time.

Classified employees receive holidays established by administrative regulations. Holidays falling within the employee's vacation period do not count as vacation days.

The term of employment to be used for determining vacation time shall be based on the time served by the employee.

Legal Reference:


1318 Declaration of holiday (county superintendent)

37220 School holidays

37222 Declaration of holiday by governing board

45190 Leaves of absence and vacations

45197 Annual vacation

45200 Interruption or termination of vacation leave

45203 Paid holidays

45205 Holiday in lieu of specified holiday

45206 Substitute holiday

45206.5 re "Admission Day"


adopted: July, 1992 Santa Barbara, California