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Amount of Vacation Earned

Classified employees shall be granted annual vacation privileges at the rate of pay earned at the time the vacation is commenced. Vacation shall be earned in accordance with the following schedule:

Years of Service Vacation Allowance Per Month

1 through 5 years .833 days

6 through 10 years 1.250 days

11 through 15 years 1.416 days

16 through 20 years 1.667 days

Scheduling Vacations

Vacations for employees who are assigned to ten or eleven month work years shall be taken on specified dates during the Winter and Spring vacation periods. Employees assigned to twelve-month work years shall schedule their vacations at the convenience of the district and with the approval for the Superintendent.

Accumulation of Vacation Time

Vacation time may not be accumulated in excess of the amount of vacation earned in a two year period.

Earned Vacation as a Vested Right

Earned vacation shall not become a vested right until completion of the initial six months of employment.

Payment for Vacation at Termination

An employee terminating for any reason after the sixth month of employment shall be paid for any unused vacation earned.

Vacations for Part-time Employees


1-5 years 1 hour for each 26 worked

6-10 " 1 hour for each 21 worked

11-15 " 1 hour for each 17 worked

16-20 " 1 hour for each 15 worked

20- " 1 hour for each 13 worked


All employees who are part of the Classified Service shall be entitled to the following holiday dates if they are in a paid status during any portion of the work day immediately preceding or succeeding these dates: January 1, January 15, known as "Martin Luther King Day", February 12, the third Monday in February known as "Washington Day", the last Monday in May known as "Memorial Day", July 4, Fiesta Parade - half-day, the first Monday in September known as "Labor Day", September 9, known as "Admission day", the succeeding Friday, December 24, December 25, and every day appointed by the President, the Governor of California, or any day declared a holiday by the Governing Board. December 25 and January 1 shall be paid holidays for any employee not normally assigned to duty during school vacation periods in December providing he/she is in a paid status on the workday immediately preceding or succeeding the school holiday period.

Holidays Falling On Saturday and Sunday

The following Monday shall be deemed a holiday when such dates fall on a Sunday. The preceding Friday shall be deemed a holiday when such dates fall on Saturday. If Christmas falls on Sunday, the local holiday known as December 24 shall be observed on Friday.

Overtime Compensation For Working On A Holiday

An employee who is required to work on a legal or declared holiday shall be compensated monetarily or with compensatory time off at the rate of one and one-half times his regular rate in addition to his regular pay for the holiday.


adopted: July, 1992 Santa Barbara, California