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Hope ESD  |  AR  9310  Board Bylaws

Development, Distribution and Maintenance of Policy Manual   

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The office of the Superintendent will receive sample policies, regulations and bylaws issued by the California School Boards Association. The following procedures will be followed:

1. The Superintendent or designee will review the samples. If the Governing Board has initiated a committee of its members to participate in the policy development process, this committee shall also review the samples.

2. Policies, regulations and bylaws mandated by law will be given top priority. The Superintendent will ensure that those mandated by law by a certain date are reviewed, amended if necessary and adopted by the Board within the timeline prescribed by law.

3. Policies will be reviewed for:

a. Legal requirements.

b. Applicability at the local level.

c. Options available to the local district within the parameters of law.

d. Future need.

4. The Superintendent or designee may delegate the initial task of review and revision to the administrator with appropriate expertise. However, the Superintendent shall retain the responsibility of final review before submitting policies to the Board.

5. The Superintendent's office shall prepare the draft policy, administrative regulation or bylaw statement and shall include it in the agenda of a public meeting for first reading.

6. Policies, regulations and bylaws may be submitted to the district's legal counsel for review and recommendations.

7. The Board may return the drafts to the Superintendent for further revision and/or move to give them a second reading and adoption.

Distributing Revisions to Manual Holders

The Superintendent's designee shall take care of the district policy manuals and keep them current.

All authorized holders of the manual shall be notified whenever the Board adopts, revises or deletes policies, regulations or bylaws. The Superintendent's designee shall prepare copies of the new or revised policies, regulations and bylaws and distribute them to all manual holders together with an explanatory form.

The Superintendent's designee will keep a master file of all current policies, regulations and bylaws distributed and shall have the manuals checked once a year to make sure that all policies are current.


approved: July, 1992 Santa Barbara, California