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Evaluating Existing Buildings   

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The adequacy and design of all existing school facilities shall be evaluated periodically in terms of meeting the needs of the instructional program and fulfilling the requirements of law regarding safety and structural soundness, accessibility to the handicapped and energy conservation.

A primary consideration in evaluating existing facilities shall be the preservation of a healthful environment for students and staff as well as providing an aesthetically pleasing learning and working atmosphere.

In the evaluation of existing buildings, the installation of energy conserving devices, including insulation or the implementation of other design modifications, shall be considered as permitted by law for purposes of reducing energy costs.

Legal Reference:


17650-17653 Retrofitting existing school facilities for energy conservation

17367 Building examinations; required actions of governing board upon report of unsafe conditions

17365-17374 Fitness for occupancy (repair, renovation, or replacement of existing buildings), especially


adopted: July, 1992 Santa Barbara, California